so i’ve been fighting with my dad since my birthday in early july - my 21st birthday, mind you, and he couldn’t be bothered to come up and see me so you see why i’m a little pissed, plus it’s not like this is even the first or second or seventy-fifth time he’s pulled shit like this. so i wrote him a very long heartfelt letter explaining every reason of why i was hurt by his actions and that i desperately wanted a relationship with him but he needed to change and he just replied saying he’s done all he can and now he’s done.

i feel the deepest hurt i have ever felt in my life. i don’t know what to do. i’m going to be one of those girls with an estranged father and have to have someone else walk me down the isle when i get married and i can’t stop crying. why have children if you’re just going to be a dick to them?


no seriously what did i miss in the past three weeks i was so lonely without you tumblr omg never again

i am 21 today and my boyfriend took me to breakfast and bought me the prettiest little pink bong and i love him so much. also i can buy alcohol and that is strange.

feeling nice and high and watching sharknado with the most handsome love of my life. i may not have had the best 4th, but i’m having a lovely 5th. props to this guy right herr.