Simon was sleeping on the back of the couch and then slid off and fell into my face and is not just chillin there. I love this little shit booger.

so i’ve been trying really hard to eat better and work out more cause i was feeling like complete shit after going on a four month long binge so i’m trying to just be healthy and not worry about like calories but instead focusing on making myself feel better in the body that i have and it’s been really nice and i’ve had some cheat moments (i may have eaten a pound of nachos last night) but i’m not letting them get me down the way i used to. so i’m pretty excited and yeah, that’s what i’ve been up to.

so to like help with that i started a health and fitness like motivation for myself type blog and it’s been really helping. so if you would like to hear about that side of my life or you got a follow from me and you’re confused like ‘wtf she doesn’t post fitblr stuff why did she follow me’ you can follow that blog here. it’s called fitblrapocalypse cause i’m not creative and i will be posting all of my workout and healthy shit there so you guys that hate that kind of stuff don’t have to hear about it. cause i love you all and don’t want you to be annoyed. anyways okay have a nice day bye.

so i’ve been fighting with my dad since my birthday in early july - my 21st birthday, mind you, and he couldn’t be bothered to come up and see me so you see why i’m a little pissed, plus it’s not like this is even the first or second or seventy-fifth time he’s pulled shit like this. so i wrote him a very long heartfelt letter explaining every reason of why i was hurt by his actions and that i desperately wanted a relationship with him but he needed to change and he just replied saying he’s done all he can and now he’s done.

i feel the deepest hurt i have ever felt in my life. i don’t know what to do. i’m going to be one of those girls with an estranged father and have to have someone else walk me down the isle when i get married and i can’t stop crying. why have children if you’re just going to be a dick to them?


no seriously what did i miss in the past three weeks i was so lonely without you tumblr omg never again